April 23, 2014

Easter + Spring Break

I was doing pretty good at updating, and then, you know, I went to bed early one day and then forgot about it. Because I. Have. A. Schedule. And. It. Must. Not. Be. Changed. Otherwise I completely forget about  things.

Meanwhile, me and the kids are up in Woodbridge today. I'm teaching another class about social media practices and whatnot, so we came up yesterday to visit friends and such. Plus, it's our spring break, so we have all the time in the world. And we went to Ikea.

Also, when we were visiting our friend Cameron, his Aunt Missy had her old doll house out on the table. She has been cleaning it up and repainting it, and THEN, she GIFTED it to the girls! It's a gorgeous, hand-made doll house that's totally furnished. The girls are absolutely thrilled. While we were at Ikea, we picked up a small side table to put the doll house on. And I told the girls that we will have a strict 5 and up rule, because it's not a toy for toddlers.

In other news, we had Easter, and it was super fun. The day before, we went to a Easter egg hunt with our neighbors. Their church does a HUGE egg hunt at one of the members homes. (And when I say home, I really mean estate and grounds.) They had a breakfast buffet out, with all the yummy breakfast goodies you could possibly want. Then, they had hidden over 1400 eggs on the property, so every kid got a TON of eggs! And each egg had a little something inside, so we got a lot of treats and even a little bit of money.

Also: this is what we look like right now.

Let's talk about how Thaddeus, Blayne, and Daniel are all the same height. Because it's awesome.