February 8, 2014


The Olympics are happening. It happens to be one of those things that I just don't care much about. It makes me feel like a bad world citizen, but mostly, the events I like are A) not winter sports and B) not popular enough for good air time. You know what's awesome at the Olympics? Synchronized swimming. Do you know what I don't care so much about? All the running. In fact, I'd much rather watch the best Olympic movie ever made... Cool Runnings. If that doesn't count, then count me out.

Meanwhile, I am over this whole winter thing. The kids have missed so much school that they are not getting President's Day off, and five half days have been turned into full days. AND if they have any more snow days, they're going to use Spring Break for make-up. So, sorry everyone who scheduled a family vacation at that time. I guess it's better than going to school til July, but not by much.

I'm also teaching a class in two weeks about sharing the gospel through blogging and social media. I'm a little excited about it, and I have The. Best. Opening. Graphic. Ever. Now I just have to get the rest of my presentation set. I know what I'm going to talk about, but I have to put together the presentation part. Do you want to know my biggest pet peeve about power point presentations? When people READ the bullet points. Bullets are summary's, therefore, they can be a jumping off point, but you don't just READ THE SLIDE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE. I have strong feelings on this subject, on account of the high volume of terrible presentations I've sat through over the years. BE PREPARED PEOPLE. Otherwise, don't commit to presenting. They need to make it a requirement in high school to learn how to say NO. It really is a skill that will come in handy in life.

I also managed to pinch a nerve in my neck. I hurt my neck/back/right side pretty badly in high school, and every now and again, it flairs up and kills me dead. True story: my wedding dress neckline was really tedious to alter because the muscles on the right side of my neck are scarred, so the slope is not the same on each side. It made me look lopsided, so my mom had a really pain in the butt time of shortening the one side, while still making the lace and sleeves look even. Luckily, my mom is a genius seamstress, and my dress turned out perfect.

Meanwhile, I am still having issues with sleeping. I slept really great two nights ago, which caused me to not sleep at all last night. It's quite a joyous problem to have, provided you are an actual vampire or some other creature of the night. I really need to call my neurologist and have them resend my scripts to the specialty pharmacy. It's pretty pathetic that I need pills to sleep, and to then to wake up. You would think that they somehow cancel each other out, so that I wouldn't require any medication of that nature, but you would be wrong. Brains are weird like that.