January 8, 2014

best laid plans


I feel pretty danged good about myself and my ability to fix things. See, Taylor dropped her tablet the very first day she had it, and cracked the screen. No biggie, I've replaced screens before! So I go on to eBay and order a replacement and a tool kit. So this afternoon, I take apart the tablet, and everything is going great! I pop out the screen, reattach all the necessary parts, and turn the power back on... and it's crap. Horizontal lines running across the whole thing. So I take it apart again, thinking that I had not attached something, or maybe had gotten a piece of dirt in there, but everything looks good to my untrained eye. Naturally, I turn to Google next. Turns out, this particular model has a hardware defect in some of the screens, that causes it to ONLY DISPLAY HORIZONTAL LINES. So. Good news is: I didn't break anything. Bad news is: I have to ship her tablet off to Texas to get fixed. Luckily, it's all under warranty.

In other news, because school was cancelled on Tuesday, basketball practice was also cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday... which is usually when we're at the church building doing cub scouts and activity days and such. Unfortunately, the boys practices have been cancelled quite a few times, and they have a game on Saturday, so we thought it was best if they went to practice. Troy was going to take the boys to ball, and I was going to go to the church with the girls. Except Troy called me at 5pm, and said he had a meeting and wouldn't be home. So I had to call up the gal that I'm a den leader with, and see if I really needed to be at pack meeting tonight, or not. (If it was any other night, I would have gone to scouts. But the dens aren't in charge of pack meeting. That's the cubmasters job. But the boys needed to put together invites for an upcoming thing, and I wasn't sure if I needed to be there or not. YOU GUYS: THIS IS MY LIFE.)

At any rate, I ended up taking everyone to basketball, which only sucked up all the hours of my night and totally de-railed dinner. We ended up at Subway at 9:30pm, ordering sandwiches. Not my favorite option, but definitely better than coming home and waiting for me to make something.

And on that awesome note, I'm headed to bed.