December 9, 2013


Church was cancelled this week because of "inclement weather". This was fine and dandy, but when your days plan suddenly fall through, and on a Sunday no less, then one settles into the stir craziness a little bit early. For the most part, we handled our selves all right. But then it was dinner time, and people finally got on each others nerves, and the children started running in circles around the house. Literally.

Which was fine.... loud, but fine. Until Thaddeus slipped. And then blood started pouring out of his mouth. Because mouths, they bleed a lot. The poor guy had bitten all the way through his lip. It was super gross and his mouth looked like raw hamburger meat. Anyways, I took him to the urgent care, when he ended up getting three stitches on the outside of his lip, and nothing on the inside. (Because A: mouths heal pretty fast and B: we opted to leave it open in case it got infected) Of course the worse part of this all was getting the lydocane shots to numb everything. And I let Thaddeus stay home from school, because he can only eat yogurt and ice cream and popsicles right now. (Well, we did have soup for dinner, but he had a hard time keeping it from dribbling out. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, the swelling will have gone down a lot more.)

And do you want to know what I thought about while he was getting stitched up and I was reflecting on the day? I was thinking I am SO GLAD I don't homeschool, because we would have all had a lot more stitches.

Meanwhile, I managed to get all the laundry done today. This is a feat worth mentioning, because my laundry is rarely all the way done. It will all be cleaned and folded, but then we'll live out of our laundry baskets. TODAY, though, today clothes made it to the closets and dresser drawers. Whoa.