November 26, 2013


Thanksgiving Break has Begun! 

We kicked it off by watching the Doctor Who movie. Daniel was thoroughly confused when there were THREE doctors working together at once, but he figured it out in the end. 

Plus, we had our first hot cocoa of the season. It's windy and raining here because of some storm or other, and we snuggled in front of the fireplace watching the show, and all was right in the world. 

The kids got to stay up a little late, but I don't like to really change the schedule, because then it's hard to get back on track. And I reminded everyone that they are NOT to wake anyone up in the morning, and if they wake up before 6am, then they are to roll over and go back to sleep. If they wake up AFTER 6am, they can quietly go downstairs and get a piece of banana bread, and watch television. Absolutely no video games allowed. I have my fingers crossed that I get to sleep in til 8. 

We also have big plans for tomorrow called: clean the house, then make pies! Actually, it's going to be more like, clean the house, take Taylor to the doctor, make some pies. 

So you know how Taylor twisted her knee the other day? I wrapped it up and gave her crutches, and called it a day. But she still wasn't putting any weight on it. SO, I decided to take her to the Urgent Care last night to get an x-ray, and yep.... something's definitely wrong with her knee. So we get to see a pediatric ortho tomorrow to get some answers. Whatever the problem is, we just want it fixed. 

Today was pretty productive for me. I got some bread made in the morning, and a few loads of laundry done. Then I went on some errands and visited some girls from church. All  in all, not too shabby for this lady. I got a second wind before dinner, which is fizzling out as we speak. This is good, because I'm trying to get back on some kind of sleeping schedule, because, you know, I'm like a toddler with the sleeping thing. I stay up late once, I think I can do it for the next two weeks. It's a pain in the butt. The dumbest thing is, I KNOW that this is my problem, and yet, I don't actively try to fix it. I mean, sometimes I do, but sometimes, it's exhausting to figure it all out. Which is a total catch 22, I need to sleep, but I'm too tired to sleep. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK? Dear friends: don't ever grow up to be me.