September 27, 2013

Long time, no see.

I'm just going to jump back in and pretend that I haven't been offline for the last month. Because, you know, that's way too much much back story to cover.

We are in the midst of school around here. My English class started, so now I have three classes this semester, and it's taking a lot of self control and motivation on my part to keep up to date with everything. Thankfully, they're not particularly "hard" classes, they just take a dedicated amount of time.

Meanwhile, I scored a great deal on a tent a few weeks ago, and we went CAMPING. I grew up camping, and love it, but Troy is not a fan. He just really likes to sleep on beds. Luckily, we have an air mattress, so I threw that in the tent, and he was just fine. Now, I'm trying to convince him that this next summer, me and the kids could go on a cross-country road trip with our camping gear. I think it sounds fabulous, and he thinks I'm crazy. But I did promise the kids that we'd go on at least 2 camp-outs next summer. We're all excited.

And I'm stuck at home today waiting for repair men to show up. The latch on our dryer is busted, so the door doesn't stay closed at all. Right now, I have the iron propped against it, and then I have our huge tub of detergent on the floor, holding the iron in place. It just adds an extra step to the laundry process that is already quite long enough.

Our kitchen faucet also broke. I'm pretty sure it's because if something around the house is going to break, it always needs a partner. I mean, why on earth would we only have one issue when we could have two?  It's annoying though, because we have to do everything through the property manager, whereas if it was OUR house, we could just fix stuff and be done with it. Oh well, pros and cons to everything.

It's also Friday, which means that we could potentially have movie night. I say potentially, because the house is a disaster, and I feel like it should not be a disaster before people get rewarded with a movie.On the other hand, I really want the kids to see Tom and Huck. (I always pick old movies that I liked to watch. Because I believe in brainwashing the children to enjoy the same things I enjoy. So far, so good.)

And now I'm ending randomly because I like to do things like that.