July 19, 2013


I can't remember whether or not I mentioned that Thaddeus is gone. He's visiting family in Arizona and thereabouts for the summer, and is having a grand old time.

Meanwhile, we're hanging out staring at each other wondering why it's so quiet in here.

Berit and her boys went home on Monday. It was fun having my sister and nephews visit, and the kids loved bossing around the babies. Her boys are very sweet and easy going.

I just started another new medicine. It's usually used for Parkinson's patients, but it (for some unknown reason) also combats fatique in MS patients. So I've been more awake during the day, which is good, because for the last 6 weeks, I've been a zombie.

I'm finally recovered from the last relapse. I have a few lingering effects, but the worst of it is over.

Also, I was going over my insurance claims and receipts and all that good stuff, and so far this year, I have spent over $500 in prescription medications for myself. This doesn't even include the over the counter vitamins and supplements I take. It just makes me very grateful for my wonderful husband and his fabulous insurance coverage. Seriously. It was the main sticking point with us when we were deciding whether or not to take the new job in King William.

Which reminds me that one of the lingering effects I have is a weird nerve problem in my leg. BASICALLY, if I drive for more than an hour (which is like, all the time. I live in farm country) my muscles spaz out and the nerves pinch and things go numb, and other things turn into excruciating pain and, you know, IT'S MY DRIVING LEG. Do you know how hard it is to NOT crash the car when your driving leg turns to mush then seizes up suddenly? It makes me very grateful for seatbelts and no traffic.