June 4, 2013

So I'm Having a Relapse...

My migraine went away today for a few hours. Just enough that I was able to finish up the laundry. I even bragged about it finally going away on Facebook, just to have it come back a few hours later. (stupid, stupid Caroline)

And it's come back with the awful metallic taste in the back of my mouth, plus some fun new symptoms, which officially makes this an MS relapse. And since I don't tolerate steroid treatments, I just get to sit back and ride this out. The last time I had these MS symptoms, it took me more than a month to recover. I am not at all looking forward to feeling like this for the next however long.

SO. Current symptoms include:

  • metallic taste in mouth (so gross)
  • migraine (sometimes accompanied with blurred vision) 
  • weakness in hands (thank goodness for plastic dishes)
  • balance problems (so nice to not live in a three story townhouse anymore) 
  • numb toes (meh, least of my worries) 
  • fatigue, yet also: insomnia
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • hot flashes
  • serious brain fog
  • insatiable thirst
And all this in time to have an MRI on Thursday. Good times just keep on coming around here.