June 17, 2013

Run It's Course

I get to go hang out at the hospital tomorrow morning. Blood work and imaging, YAY LIFE!

As usual, I need to fast before hand. I always make my appointments as early in the morning as possible for this very reason. And I also always think about sneaking a sip of something, because really, what harm can it do? But then I don't, because ultimately, I want my tests to be as accurate as possible, whatever they are.

I'm crossing my fingers that I have gallstones or something. You know, because I like to have REASONS for things to not feel good. It's why I hate viruses so much. I feel like, if I am sick, I would like to take an antibiotic or a magic pill, or something. I very much do NOT want to wait for anything to "run it's course" Those are three words I hate to hear, because it takes me so long to recoup from anything. Currently, I have a itchy, scratchy throat, and a super sexy voice to match. But there's nothing WRONG with me. It's just a cold. That has to run it's course. That has already blessed me for the last three weeks of my life.

In other news, we started our Summer Schedule today. Well, as much as we could. We had to do a Wal-Mart run, and that always takes a long time, because it's a long ways away. Plus, when we go into town, we tend to stay awhile and go lots of places, because we already drove all the way out there.

Anyways, we needed composition books because my kids have to write in their journal every day. And we got paracord to make some cool jewelry. And we got a new pond pump, because our pump is half dead and keeps shorting out the breaker. We also got new swimsuits because someone "accidentally" threw hers away. For the record, there was no accident about it. Both girls were convinced their suits were too small, because they were tight. I said, it's a swimsuit, and it's supposed to fit like that, because when it gets wet, it stretches. I didn't know that Taylor had tossed her suit until AFTER we were back from the dump and Troy asked me why there was a swimsuit in the garbage. Of course, this is the kind of question one must ask before one throws garbage into the huge bins at the dump. Oh well. Everyone got a new suit, because I was feeling generous, and they were cheap. But they had to try them on so I could see how they fit first. It's hard to find a good swimsuit for little girls, especially when they have long legs and short torsos. A V-Neck suit on my daughter is QUITE revealing.

Plus, we got the girls tankini's because it makes going to the bathroom so much easier. It's hard to pull a wet swimsuit back up!

Lastly, my sister will be here in less than a week! We're super excited to see her!