June 15, 2013

Good times in Tappahannock

We forgot to take garbage out to the street on garbage day, so we had to go to the dump today. Most of the people that were there (okay, both the people that were there) were tossing their regular garbage, and I though, MAN, I'm glad that we make enough money to pay the garbage man because this stinks. 

Then we went off to clean the church. In the branch, we have cleaning teams, and they were trying to coordinate with us, but all the suggestions were making my head spin. I told our team leader that there were six of us, and that we are good cleaners, and to not worry about it, because we got it. This made her very happy. (I get the feeling that maybe some people say they will be at the church at such and such a time to help clean the building, and then don't show up... she was very relieved to hear my offer.) It only took us about two hours to get the entire building cleaned up, which I think is pretty danged good. 

Then since we were already in Tappahannock, we decided to check out RivahFest. We'd never been before, because we just moved to the area, so we wanted to check it all out. It was good, except for the fact that everything to DO cost money. Which is lame. Especially because it wasn't advertised anywhere as needing wristbands or tickets or anything like that. So we walked around and looked at all the booths. (My kids saw a huge booth selling paracord bracelets and necklaces. Daniel really, really wants a boy necklace, and I said we could totally make them this summer.)

At any rate, we headed out early, but told the kids we'd go out to lunch. 

They've been begging to eat at Bella's Pizza, because it's the restaurant that our neighbor owns. We figured, hey, we're right here in Tappahannock, and hey also, we're starving, so we finally got to try it out. The kids were thrilled to see their friends, and Taylor, our little chef, kept sneaking peeks inside the kitchen. She solemnly told me that when she is a teenager, she is going to work in the kitchen there. Anyways, I don't know what I was expecting the food to be like, but my sandwich was SO DANG GOOD. It had fried onions and hot peppers and green peppers and some delicious sauce. I was a happy girl.

Two of the kids ordered hot dogs, and when they came out, they were hot dogs, wrapped in a soft pretzel. My kids gobbled those things up... for REALS. 

Then we came home and set about getting ready for Sunday. No matter how much planning and preparing I think I've done during the week, Saturday afternoon hits, and I have some project that I needed to finish up for singing time. Most of my preparations have been going into singing time, because I'm the branch Music Leader, and I think it should be FUN. 

Plus, the first few times, before I was the official leader but was standing in every week, I noticed that the kids didn't know some songs that *I* thought they should know. So I've been really working on teaching them new primary songs and church hymns, but also still reviewing the songs they do know. I just wish I had more time! It's my favorite part of church, not gonna lie. I have always wanted to be the primary Music Leader, and now I AM and it's MAGICAL. 

And on that note, I am going to get my stuff together!