June 18, 2013

Day to day to day

It's only 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I'm DONE.

My day started out at the crack of dawn, because I had an appointment, and since it's at a new location, I didn't want to be late. (Parking is always crazy with my giant SUV.)

However, traffic was light, the route was easy, and parking was a breeze. I was early to my appointment, and I got to read a little from my book. I'm reading the A Song of Fire and Ice series, aka the Game of Thrones books. I like them, but it took me a couple hundred pages to get into the first one.

The imaging was annoying, but quick, and I was back home before nine.

Then we went on an errand to return Daniel's mp3 player. The danged thing won't turn ON, and we tried all the troubleshooting stuff, then I decided to just take it back and trade it for a different kind. And now, we're trying to load it up with music, but it's not going as smoothly as I would like. It's because I don't have an iPad or iTouch or iAnything. If I HAD one, then, according to the website, it would be easy peasy to sync everything. LAME-O. But it's okay, a few extra steps won't kill me, unless you can be annoyed to death, in which case, I already died.

And now, since I've been running around all day with the kids in tow, the house is a disaster. And I would start cleaning, but I've already hit my limit for the day, and I am really feeling it in my bones.  As soon as Troy gets home, I am loading myself up with muscle relaxers and narcotics and climbing into bed.