May 30, 2013


Daniel had his pulmonary function tests today. We'll have the results sometime next week, and then we'll see what happens from there. It was really interesting to see how much he can breathe, and how much air he uses. Poor kid can barely hold his breath, because he doesn't get enough of a breath to bother to hold.

Plus, while we were between tests, Daniel told me his ear was hurting. I looked at it, and it was full of crap, so I got a bobby pin out of my purse to scoop out the crud. His ear drum had burst, his ear tube was OUT, and infected crap started pouring out of his ear. It was exciting. And really stinky. But his ear feels much better now.

I also have spent the last few hours combing through my blog and printing out health-related posts because I am visiting another new doctor tomorrow, and, you know, I like to be over prepared for everything. Especially when I'm meeting new doctors. At any rate, I now have a BOOK to take with me, and I feel really good about it.

Meanwhile, Taylor had a nap after school today, so now she's WIDE AWAKE at ten forty five. This bodes well for our morning routine.