May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

I've decided that I'm going to blog every day. Because I've gotten out of the habit, and I'm mad at myself about it.

Today I'm dealing with scheduling mishaps en masse. Daniel was supposed to have his pulmonary function tests today, except that the hospital that he was supposed to go to isn't really set up for pediatric testing. So we're supposed to go to St. Mary's, except that they won't set up the appointment without the actual order from the doctor. So now instead of having the test today, we're waiting for someone to call us back so that we can make an appointment.

THEN, I called to set up my appointment for an MRI. Except that the hospital I'm supposed to go to also doesn't have an order, and what is my date of birth again? It's super annoying because now I had to call the doctor, and then I'll have to do more waiting, which pushes back the start date on the new MS meds and I'm just really frustrated with hospitals at this point.

I do for SURE have an appointment on Friday though. It's verified, and confirmed, and I will be there with bells on! (not really. that would be weird)

Yesterday was Memorial Day. We had a great day off from school and work, and we spent it playing in the sprinklers and going on bike rides and eating watermelon.

We also talked about Grandpa-Great, because my children idolize him. They love talking about him. They each have a copy of his life story, and look at his pictures all the time. Their favorite picture is from when he was in the Army Air Corp. They make up stories, and Grandpa-Great always saves the day. (He is quite proficient in nerf gun battles.)

I also reminded the kids that their Uncle Josh is in the army, and that he's in Afghanistan right now.

All in all, it was a good day, and we're grateful to live in this country where we get to live as we choose.