May 20, 2013

Birthday Updates

Taylor turned SIX today. She was very excited and also very nice, mostly because she's a nice kid in general. She has been asking for a BIG teddy bear for months, so she was absolutely enthralled to get a gigantic bear for her present. It's almost as big as she is, and it's super soft, and machine washable, and the bear has already gone on a bike ride.

She also had a strawberry cake. She really wanted a strawberry cake, because it's more exciting than vanilla or chocolate. Unfortunately, she did not like the way the strawberry cake tasted, but since it was pretty, she was happy anyways. She has also requested that we make a pumpkin cake as soon as people finish eating her birthday cake.

While the birthday girl was at school, I got to take Daniel to a doctor appointment. He's getting checked out for asthma and allergies, because he's always stuffy and coughing and such. He was put on two new medicines, a nose spray and an allergy med, and we also got an inhaler. Daniel also got a chest x-ray, and he's going to have a pulmonary function test next week, so that we can see how his breathing's doing. Daniel was our "bronchitis baby" and he did have RSV once, so, you know.... test away.

We also got Thaddeus' CT scan results back. It's not an infected cyst, but it is a definite soft tissue lump. The doctor said that if we want, we can get a referral to an ENT, but that there's nothing really "wrong". Of course, it's Thaddeus, so we will go to the ENT, and we will do a follow up, and we WILL get the mystery lump removed... we'll just wait until after July 1 to go, because, you know, insurance roll-over. (Once, I thought that our flex benefits account was silly. Now I'm annoyed that we don't put more into it.)

Also, did I tell you that Daniel bought an MP3 player? Because he did, and now it's my job to load it up with all the songs he likes. Of course, since he's MY child, he like all the music I like. This is a problem because now he has a really awesome soundtrack for life that fits in his pocket and *I* am super jealous.

Also, also: since it's our birthday month, I measured people, because I like to remember how tall people are, and guess what? My kids are pretty much the same size.

Thaddeus is 51 inches. Blayne is 51 inches. Daniel is 50 inches. Taylor: is 41.75 inches.

No lie, people have been asking me about my triplets lately. It's hilarious to me and Daniel, and absolutely infuriating to Blayne and Thaddeus. Then, I think about my brother and sister who were in a battle over who was the tallest/oldest for YEARS and I laugh. Sometimes, it's good to be short.