May 15, 2013

and more waiting

Thaddeus had his CT scan, we're still waiting on the results. I guess the radiologist left out some information on the summary, so we're waiting for it to be RE-read. It's super fun to call the doctor every day and ask the same questions. 

Also in life, I'm still waiting for an answer from VCU. I know I'll be going to school in the fall, I just don't know which one. That's also fun. 

Meanwhile, I had a neurology appointment this week with a new doctor. He's closer, and they have an infusion center at their office, so that's awesome. We went over my history, and I'm going to be starting new meds. They're PILLS, so no more shots. I still have pretty bad injection site reactions with the shots, and I still have other side effects. (I've had the "flu" every Wednesday and Friday for the last 2 years.... so awesome) The neurologist said that's CRAZY TALK, and then we talked about different medication options. So, I'm going to be starting the new and just-approved by the FDA pill called Tecfidera. I got some blood work done, and I'm going to be having an MRI (to establish a new baseline), and then as long as my insurance approves, I'm good to go! 

Beyond that, life is same the old, same old. I'm ready for summer to get here, though... just so people can ride their bikes a little bit longer. I love letting the kids ride around the neighborhood until the sun starts to go down. It's tough to have to be in bed when there's still light outside.