April 16, 2013

MS Relapse

So my whole lower back pain issue? Was an MS relapse.

Which I guess is nice to know, because I didn't realize that that could be an MS thing.

Which means that if it ever happens again, I'll go to the doctor right away and get on some steroids instead of  trying to talk myself out of going to the doctor because "I think I just pulled something."

I am also realizing how little I know about Multiple Sclerosis, and I should probably should do a little more research.

The good thing is that magically, yesterday afternoon, my back just stopped hurting. After a week of wanting to die, it stopped hurting, and I could walk again, and I could lay down, and I didn't feel like I was going to wet my pants anymore. (Yeah, that's a thing too. GO MS!) And I had done NOTHING that would explain why the back pain started, or why it suddenly stopped. And I mean suddenly, and completely STOPPED.

Sunday night, I couldn't even lay in my bed, because it hurt so much. Instead, I fixed myself a spot on the love seat and put pillows behind my back, and under my bottom, and under my knees, and I took a lot of pain pills and anti-inflammatory's, and I just sat there, unable to sleep because my body hurt so bad. The kids were totally on their own for breakfast and getting off to school Monday morning, while I continued to hurt. And then, it just stopped. Which is when I knew that it wasn't a typical back problem, because that's not how things heal. You don't just go from a 10 on a pain scale to a 0 with no intervention. Typically, you get a little better, every day, over time.

It just blows my mind, the way this disease can mimic other health problems. I seriously thought I had a herniated disc or something. I have not felt that kind of pain and pressure since childbirth. It was excruciating, and today, it's just gone.

SO. MS Relapse. I had one. It sucked, big time.

On the plus side, I now have really good pain pills in my medicine cabinet.