April 14, 2013

Life and Death and Cash

I'm thinking my self-diagnosis of a pinched nerve is wrong. This is because despite my best efforts, my back (and the pain in my back) is getting progressively worse.

I'm going to actually go to the actual doctor tomorrow, and actually take care of actual business. This is kinda a big deal, because for a person who has quite a few things "wrong" with her, I avoid the doctor like the plague. I see an MRI in the near future.

Even still, I was 100% planning on going to church today, then I woke up with pink eye. This is how God tells me to do things. He was all, "Girl, you know if you try to go to church today you will die," and I was all, "Yeah, but I can do it," and he was all, "PINK EYE - YOU'RE CONTAGIOUS AND CAN'T BE AROUND CHILDREN," and I'm all "Well played, God, well played."

And now I'm going to consume vast amount of over-the-counter meds and wait for 8am to call the doctor.

OH ALSO: We have implemented a new system in our house. The kids get "Bingham Bucks" They're like real dollars, and the kids can earn them like real dollars, and then trade them in for stuff. Except that they also have to pay for their own stuff. And I don't reimburse lost bucks. And everyone only gets 30 minutes of "tech time" a week, and it costs $1 for each additional 15 minutes, with a maximum purchase of an hour.

So far, so good. To earn extra bucks, the front planting beds got weeded. I pay $1/bag. And the grocery bag has to be FULL of weeds. I also bought back toys. Depending on the toy, I only gave 25 cents or so, so people got rid of some stuff too. Like I said, so far so good with this whole thing.

The kids only get $3 a week, and they have to do their chores and household responsibilities every day. I don't pay people to do things they should be doing anyways. I do pay for extra jobs, like weeding, and cleaning walls and baseboards.

Anyways, the kids got their Bingham Bucks, and we have been working on the yard lately. In the front of our house, we have a little pond feature, and we decided that we wanted to put some fish in there, because that would be fun.

We went to the pet store and everyone got their own fish (the super cheap ones... you know, the eleven cent version?) but they had to pay their Dad and I $2 for the fish, AND the fish food.

Unfortunately, those crappy fish died already, so we've had four fish burials. Daniel's fish was the first to go, and he was very upset. But then when everyone else's fish died, he felt much better, because then NOBODY had  special pet. We like to be fair in all things, you know.

At any rate, tomorrow for family home evening, we're going BACK to the pet store, and we're taking a water sample, and then we'll try to keep our new fish alive for more than a day. (Don't hold your breath)