April 2, 2013


Everything went great today at my appointment. The surgeon said that everything looked great, and I had no growths, and since this makes 5 years without any further intestinal problems, I'm officially off the watch list and don't have to have anything else done or monitored until I'm 50. Unless of course, I have more problems, but let's all cross our fingers and hope that I don't.

The kids got to spend the night at their friends house, and they had a really good time. They're dog tired though, because it's exhausting to fit a week of spring break fun into one overnight visit.

AND tomorrow we're spring cleaning the house. Dinner is already planned (I love my crock pot) and if the house gets all the way clean, then we'll go somewhere on Friday. I WAS thinking about getting season passes to one of the theme parks around here (we're between Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens) but holy expensive Batman! I am not spending that much money when half of us are still too short to go on half the rides. Also: I am a cheapskate.