March 7, 2013

This week in life

The kids stayed home today, because we had another snow day. At least this time, there was actual snow. It was a little bit crazy. They went to school Wednesday morning same as usual, but then got sent home early because of the weather. Then our power went out. 

And we huddled up in the front room putting together puzzles and playing charades until it got too dark to see. 

I'm just glad that we had turned the fireplace on before the power went out, so at least we had one warm  part of the house. 

And now we have power, and heat, and internet, and school in the morning. Hallelujah. 

In other news, our furniture finally came! We ordered a new couch and chair two months ago, and they were custom made just for us, and they are beautiful and glorious, and SO SO us. It makes me feel like a real grown up, because four kids and a mortgage isn't enough of a reality for me. 

ALSO: tomorrow is my anniversary. 11 years, baby.