March 25, 2013

Snow Business Here

I fell of the blogging bandwagon. I have no reasons. I just did. 

But I'm going to get back on, STARTING NOW. 

We're all at home today, because Mother Nature is crazy and has sent us more snow. Not a lot of snow, but enough to make the roads icy, so school has been cancelled. 

And the kids aren't going to school tomorrow or Wednesday, because we have a friend coming to visit, and we're going to hang out with our friend instead of going to school. Because, you know, people are important. 

In other news, I'm now sporting dark hair. It's a lovely shade the color of cinnamon. The only downside is that now everyone in my family has noticed how much hair I lose, and they have become concerned. I told them it's the same amount as usual, just now they can see it, but they think I'm going bald.

And now I have to go break up a fight. I love snow days. (no I don't)