February 9, 2013

this week in life

I'm getting really bad at personal blogging. It's not like I don't mean to do it, I'm just at a weird place in my life. Plus, my kids are older, and they like to read the blog, and while *I* might be an oversharer, my kids aren't, so there's a delicate balance.

In other news, I cannot find the right wrist brace for my arm. I have the left one, but I need the right one, and I KNOW that I saw it recently, but I don't remember WHERE. I think that Thaddeus might have been using it last, because he likes to use the braces and shin guards to protect himself when he's outside doing cool boy stuff like archery and tracking, but he doesn't remember if he used it, so that's not helpful for anybody.

I once heard that carpal tunnel surgery was most common in moms, and today as I was scrubbing the bathtub, I decided that I'm going to believe that rumor wholeheartedly.

I still have to unpack the office, but I'm not motivated to do it. I think that next time I pack, I should tape candy to the bottom of the boxes, because then I might be excited to work... at the very least, I would feel rewarded.