February 26, 2013

First World Problems

I have a new church calling. I'm the Primary Secretary. It's the perfect job for me because it speaks to my over organized soul. Plus, the primary children appreciate me and my ever changing hair colors. (Current hair color: blue)

In other news: we are finally over our sickness. The household is not quite caught up from being ill, but that's okay, we won't tell anyone. Mostly, it just makes me wish I had house people. You know, like servants, but paid, but only minimally, and in a currency I have an abundance of... like sarcastic rebukes.

Now let's talk about first world problems called: I can't get the right part of my house the right temperature. This house has two heating & cooling units, which is ridiculous. So there's an upstairs unit, and a downstairs unit, but the vents are all wrong, and the pantry, where food is stored, has THE BEST heating vent, which is a downer because HELLO: IT'S THE PANTRY. Then the family room is ice cold. IT MAKES NO SENSE. I've tried opening and closing the different vents, but that's about the range of my expertise, so instead I wear socks and a jacket around the house while the kids are in school and hide under a blanket because I refuse to mess with the settings further and hike up my electricity bill more. I will be slightly uncomfortable if it saves me $100 a month, oh yes I will.

Speaking of slightly uncomfortable, I burnt my forearm on the oven door,because I didn't open it all the way. (I'm sure lots of you do this.) I just needed to grab dinner out of the oven, so I opened the door wide enough to stick my arm in and pull out the food, but I twitched or something and bumped my arm on the door, and now my skin is peeling off in a very attractive fashion.

Then, tonight, Thaddeus was hanging around by the fireplace trying to get warm, and HE got burnt. This is the third time he's burnt himself on the blasted fireplace, and it's always for the same reason. He gets WAY too close. And he's NINE. And I had to do cool compress and everything, and his burn tonight is a little bit gross, but maybe he'll finally learn to not touch the fireplace. (We can only hope)

And other than that, I am out of updates.

Unless you wanted to know that I rode my bike for three miles today. Because I totally did that.The end.