January 8, 2013

Sorting it all out

I've been on the phone all morning, cancelling doctors appointments, transferring prescriptions, and doing all the busy work that comes with moving to a new town. The most annoying thing is trying to get my kids lunch money back from the school. I signed a paper that said they would close out the account the last day my kids were in school and send them home with a check.... except that they didn't. And now, since my kids don't go there anymore, the school can't give me a check, I have to go through the county. So that is taking a really long time, and I'm playing phone tag with them... I just want my lunch money back.

Meanwhile, the kids are loving their new school. The bus picks up right in front of our house, and school starts at a better time, and all in all, this is going to be fantastic for them.

Plus, we now have a yard, so people are more prone to going outside. And since we don't live near anything, we're saving money, because we don't go anywhere, except for the grocery store, and the pharmacy. But all those little purchases here and there that we used to make, those have died a sudden death.

In house related news: the laundry room is upstairs by the bedrooms, so I don't have to take laundry up and down stairs, and it is MAGIC people. MAGIC.