January 1, 2013


It's 10:30 and I have two things that I SHOULD be working on, but I'm not. because I just don't really feel like it. Besides, everyone in my house is asleep, and I don't want to waste this magical time by being productive, because I only like to work when other people are working. It doesn't even matter what kind of work it is, I just don't like to be the only one doing it, you know?

In other news, I was perusing the different online classes I could take this next semester. A couple of the classes I want to take are offered in short sessions, so I could take four classes, but I wouldn't take them at the same time. That sounds magic, right?

Taylor's ear tube has fallen out of place, but not out of her ear. It's actually embedded in a big, bloody, pussy mess on the side of her ear canal, and I could totally reach in with tweezers and take it out.... but she won't let me. Instead, she tells me her ear hurts, and that there is a rock in it, and I'm getting close to my breaking point, where I just pin her down, and pull it out, and then let her cry for a minute until she realizes that her ear isn't bothering her anymore. (Of course, parents that don't have kids with horrible ear problems won't side with me at all, and parents that DO have children with horrible ear problems are thinking, why haven't you done that already?)

Also: everyone in my house is on the mend, but we have lingering coughs. Speaking of coughs, why are cough drops so gross? Seriously. They are disgusting, and you would think that by now, we would have invented better tasting cough drops. Instead, I just buy hard candy.

And that's about that.