December 3, 2012

Stressed to the Max

So my psychology class is not going well. We have three exams, and that's it, and I haven't done super good on the first two. Don't get me wrong, I studied, and I totally thought I aced the last one. Until I got my grade in and was all, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE. And now I only have one more exam left, and I need to ace that sucker to get a respectable sort of grade.

Plus, today in class, the lecture was on stress and stress management, and I couldn't help giggling like a maniac, most likely from sleep deprivation, and I'm pretty sure it made at least two kids in the class uncomfortable.

My final projects are also due this week. I've nailed the software class, because the program I wrote is amazing. And by amazing, I mean it's exactly what my teacher wanted and it's 100% functional, and when we have discussions in class, I understand the words and concepts that are being presented. In short: I'm a geek.

I need to finish up my final drawing for art, plus do a self portrait, and then that's all done, and I have to finish two more papers. And by finish up, I mean completely start one, and finally turn in the other one.

I'm thinking that going back to school full time when we're in the middle of a life change was not a smart move.

Oh, that's right, I can finally announce officially that WE ARE MOVING. We sold our house. We leave in twelve days. (The house, I mean, not the state of Virginia.) I should also tell you that while we have sold our house, and have a move out date, we have been unsuccessful in finding a new house to live in. Because, you know, we like to have massive amounts of stress placed on the adults in the house. Christmas in a hotel could be awesome, right?

I just feel like if I only had to do one thing at a time, that I would be successful. Plus, WHERE we're moving is like, 2.5 hours south of here, which means that any time we go to LOOK at homes, it's a whole production. And instead of going to church yesterday, we packed a picnic lunch and went and looked at more than a dozen houses that were either total crap, OR they had JUST been rented out. We're third on the list for one house. And it's not even a good house! It's just a place to live. Because NOW we have decided to rent a house or an apartment closer to Troy's new job for the next 6 months because we have to switch the kids school, and it would be DUMB for us to rent a house for 3 months, and switch schools, then move again, and switch schools again.

Moving was so much easier with babies.

And packing is dumb. Not that everyone doesn't already know that, I just feel like saying it out loud. Packing sucks.

Plus, did you know that we had birthdays this weekend? Blayne turned eight on Saturday, and Thaddeus turned nine, and my parents are coming into town this week because Blayne will be getting baptized this coming Saturday, and my house is a disaster, and I don't even care, because I have homework.

And now, to end on a fantastic note, and also because if I don't write it down now, I'll forget for 6 months.

  • Name: Blayne Elizabeth Bingham
  • Age: 8
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: Despicable Me movie
  • Favorite Food: pizza
  • Favorite Song: I like to look for rainbows
  • Favorite Color: pink and purple
  • Favorite Toy or thing to play with: puppy and chihuahua 
  • Favorite thing to do: play with my puppies
  • Favorite Books & Reads: Rainbow Magic Pet Fairies
  • Favorite Thing in the whole world: family
  • Favorite People: everyone that's nice! 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
  • Name: Thaddeus Eugene Bingham
  • Age: 9 
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: Slugterra
  • Favorite Food: spinach
  • Favorite Song: Banana (he made it up)
  • Favorite Color: blue
  • Favorite Toy/thing to play with: Twitch (his green ugly doll)
  • Favorite thing to do: play Minecraft
  • Favorite Books & Reads: Ninjago books
  • Favorite Thing in the whole world: mommy
  • Favorite People: family