November 12, 2012

has it really been two weeks? Gah.

I feel like the worst blogger ever. I HAVEN'T EVEN SHOWN HALLOWEEN PICTURES.

And I'm not going to do that right now, because that would mean I need to go get my camera, which would also mean that I would have to locate said camera. It's just a lot of extra work, people.

Meanwhile, I've decided that the hardest part of school is attendance. I have no problems with the work, it's just the showing up for class that I hate. And not all classes, just some classes. Luckily, last week we discovered I had a stress fracture, so I decided to miss two days of classes. Instead,  I stayed home and "rested" and by "rested" I mean that I didn't walk 800 miles through the forest to get to class. I painted my house while mostly standing on one foot, or at least putting all my weight on the other leg. I'm not good at mandatory rest, alright? Also: every time I park at school, I debate about getting a handicap placard. I totally qualify, PLUS, good parking EVERYWHERE.

And on that note, I'm out. I have to get up for school tomorrow.