November 14, 2012


Monday was  Veteran's Day. My kids were out of school, Troy was off work, and I didn't have to go to class either. Except that I was wrong, and I WAS supposed to go to class, and instead missed two sessions and now I have NO IDEA what is going on in my psychology class.

Plus also: Troy and I have very different ideas of school success. I'm happy that I have showed up, and he wants me to get an A+ in all my classes. In fact, he doesn't like my attitude of "An 'A' is an 'A'" because there are different KINDS of A's. People, here is my math for school: what is the LEAST amount of work I can do and still get a 90%? And then I adjust accordingly.

Meanwhile, let's talk about Taylor's night time prayers. They're very cute and insightful to life, because she likes to individually bless people.

"Bless Dad to be safe. Bless Mom's (legs/arms/brain) to feel better. Bless Thaddeus ear to feel better. Bless Blayne's tummy problems to feel better. Bless my eczema to stop itching. Bless Daniel to.... um... bless him to uhhh.... make Daniel to grow taller. Amen."

It's funny, because it sounds like Daniel is the only healthy person in our house. Which is probably about 98% true, and is awesome to hear from the five year old.