October 16, 2012

This week in Binghamville

So I ran out of the meds I take for UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease) a while ago because my doctor wanted to see how my body handles not being on them.

My body is revolting.

My hands hurt so badly that it makes me want to cry. The joints in my fingers feel like they're frozen, and I've been dropping everything and unable to get a solid grip with my right hand, which kinda makes it hard to function because I'm right handed.

At any rate, my appointment with the rheumatologist is in 10 more days, but I'm going to call up tomorrow and beg him to refill it NOW, so that my hands will work again. I really like being able to bend my fingers. Plus, why can't all medicine be magical and work instantly? Even if I get my refill tomorrow, it will take another couple of weeks to take full effect, and that's just crazy talk.

In children news: they're doing alright. Taylor had two cavities filled, because she has been blessed with my soft teeth. Blayne is in some gifted math program, and it's going okay, but I'm monitoring it closely, because if she starts getting overwhelmed, I'm pulling her out. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that she's being challenged, but they expect her to do all her regular schoolwork, PLUS the extra crap. So far, it's okay, but that girl wants to please everyone and would never complain about anything, so I have to be extra vigilant in my supervision.

Thaddeus is crazy as ever, and his schoolwork is going great. He needs to work on his penmanship, but he just doesn't have time to waste on writing things neatly. That kid moves FAST.

Then we have Daniel, who is in the throes of a terrible growth spurt, so his body hurts all the time, making him a miserable person to be around. AND we had to get him new shoes, but he doesn't know how to tie his laces, but we couldn't find any big enough with velcro, so I have to tie and untie his shoes every day and I hate it. I've tried showing him how to tie his shoes, but he gets frustrated, which leads to fits, which leads to missing the bus, and IT'S A WHOLE THING PEOPLE. Plus, we got him hi top sneakers, because they are awesome and were on sale, and it's probably the worst decision I have ever made in my life. Hi top sneakers for children that can't tie their own laces are the devil.

The end.