October 24, 2012

The Nerve of Some People

I officially have carpal tunnel in both wrists.

It was fun. I got to have an EMG, which is code for: your doctor is going to shock you 1000 times then poke you with a needle repeatedly while you just sit there and pretend not to notice.

I also have a pinched nerve in my elbow, which is fun. And also, I have non-carpal tunnel nerve damage in both arms. GO ME.

I just get annoyed that I have to have these sorts of tests. I mean, I KNOW I have carpal tunnel, YOU know I have it. Do I really have to have these kinds of tests? Especially when there's nothing they can really do. The doctor's just like, "Yep, you have it. Keep wearing your sexy braces."

Not that he really said they were sexy.

It's just dumb because then we have to go over all the causes of carpal tunnel. Well GUESS WHAT SHERLOCK: I USE MY HANDS ALL THE TIME.

I sew, I type, I cook, I clean, I paint, I draw, I play the piano, I do hair. Everything that I love to do uses all ten of my fingers.

Plus, I have nerve issues anyways, it's not like this is a big surprise.

At any rate, for now, we do nothing. I'm supposed to wear braces to bed, and whenever I wake up with numbness in my hands, I should wear braces that day.

Of course, this means that I need to get new braces, because even though I HAVE them, they don't MATCH, and if I have to look like an idiot during the day wearing braces, I should at least have the decency to have them match. I mean, I wouldn't go out wearing two different shoes. IT'S PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING.