October 29, 2012

i can't even think of a title.

Hurricane Sandy is going on right now and naturally, our lovely county has closed everything down. We had no school today, and it's been cancelled for tomorrow as well.

We still have power, and internet, and I don't think we'll lose it. In the last few weather related calamities, my neighborhood has been fine. All around us, power is out, but our little area is always just fine. I like to think it's a perk of living in a newer house.

The crazy weather is making my body hurt, though. Luckily, I have pills for that.

Speaking of pills, my neuro gave me some new migraine samples to try, because the ones he wants me to use are POWDER. And I have to mix them. And it tastes like toothpaste and cough syrup diluted with chalk, and instead of my head feeling better, I laid on the bathroom tile trying not to throw up. SO. I got a different kind of medicine, (a regular pill, that I just swallow, thankyouverymuch), and I don't like it either. It made my chest so tight, and then I was paranoid, and also WIDE AWAKE and itchy. So I decided I'd rather have a headache.

And now I'm going to do my homework before I lose (or not) power.