September 20, 2012

Things of Pinterest: PINK

Usually I am not in the mood for pink, but then every once in awhile my girly side forces it's way to the surface and I have to peruse pink things on Pinterest.
This pink tricycle is the coolest.  I wish I were 3 years old just so I could ride it.
I think that anyone who chooses to paint their house (and car) this color would be interesting to know.
I like that this kitchen has pink appliances, mixed in with other colors in the room.  It's so bright and vintage-y in there.
Pink chocolate chip cookies.  yum.  Any color chocolate chip cookies.  YUM.
Pink lemonade with black and white straws (plus all the other pink stuff) is a cute way to party.
My favorite part of this pink decor is the hanging bird thingy on the far right.  Except, what is it?  A bag maybe?

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