September 22, 2012

that time when I didn't even throw up, even though I would have been totally justified in doing so

There was a super disgusting smell in my house that I could not find. So I decided that I would scrub my house clean on Saturday until the source was found.

The source was not in my house. Instead, it was a rotting rat carcass right outside my front door hiding in the vines that I used to think were pretty. Now I think they're horrible and we should pull them out.

AND Troy was at work, and I tried to pick it up with a long stick, because, you know, IT'S A DEAD RAT,  but it was really gross and that didn't work, and I had to use my actual hands (covered in grocery bags) to pick it up. AND THEN I WANTED TO DIE.

But I didn't. Instead, I bagged that thing 5 times over, and hosed the crap out of the vines, then I generously applied all the bug and rat poison I could find in that corner, then came inside and scrubbed my hands raw to my elbows.

The only redeeming moment of this all is that is was not MY house that was stinky. I still scrubbed the crap out of it today though.

I also am semi getting my house ready to move. I'm not planning on moving, but I'm not planning on living here forever either, and I don't want to have a ton of work to do when we finally DO leave this place. Mostly, we have a lot of painting to do.... I have two naughty and artistic girls.