September 11, 2012

more nighttime

I'm up too late again.

And instead of finishing up my homework, which is why I planned to stay up a little bit later in the first place, I have gotten lost on Pinterest, and Zillow, and my head. Pinterest, because it's full of pretty things (are you following me? I'm @poppyseedblog) and Zillow, because I daydream about houses and like to look at how people have arranged their furniture in their actual, lived in house, and my head, because I was redecorating the houses I'm not going to live in with the things that I'm not going to make.

Also: I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Also, also: I missed my endocrinologist appointment, because I got a new phone, and I didn't write down the appointment date, and they couldn't call and remind me, because I got a new phone.

Are you stingy with the giving away of your phone number? I am. I just don't want people to have access to me all the time. My family has it, and my doctors, and the elementary school. That's a lot of people who might potentially call me. I don't need to make that list bigger. Plus, I only talk to certain people on the phone. And it's a short list.

But like I was saying, I totally missed my follow up with the endocrinologist, which was kinda an important appointment, because we were going to see how the tumor on my thyroid is looking. And now I'm having fantasical thoughts about it being humongous, except that my neck looks the same size, so maybe it disappeared. The point is, I DON'T KNOW, which is making me go crazypants.