September 3, 2012

Labor Day, AKA, let's run in circles

School starts tomorrow, which means that I am 5 minutes away from packing snacks for people, and mere hours away from the possibility of having a day time nap. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

Meanwhile, I went to the National Gallery of Art today with my art class. And I discussed with Troy how I should get there; should I drive into downtown or just take the metro? And we decided that since it was a holiday, it would probably be busy, and there won't be parking for my massive beast of a car, so I should just take the train....


The Metro was running it's Sunday hours, which means there are only trains every 20 minutes. Naturally, I JUST MISSED boarding, so I got to sit and wait 20 minutes to leave the station. Then, since I was going to transfer lines, I JUST MISSED boarding again, so I got to hang out at the Pentagon stop for 20 minutes. Then I wasn't paying attention, and I missed my stop altogether, so I got to back track, and I was an hour late to the museum.

So THEN I spent a solid 45 minutes looking for anyone from school, but have you ever been to the National Gallery? It's enormous.

Eventually, I found my teacher, signed the sheet to prove I showed up, then enjoyed the exhibits and sketched a little.

Oh, and I totally did my still life homework wrong. AWESOME.