September 10, 2012


Man alive, can you believe that GoDaddy nonsense? CAN YOU? I was having a mini heart attack for a little bit because I thought I broke my blogs... I even called Elisa up, "ELISA: CAN YOU SEE MORMON MOMMY BLOGS? NO? WHAT ABOUT PEONIES AND POPPYSEEDS? NO! AAAaaaAAAGGGgghhh!"

And I was all shouty and caps locky, so back off grammar police. Turns out, GoDaddy was the issue (not me! happy dance!) but I still had major issues, because I could not access my email. I almost sat in a corner and cried, but then I decided I would catch up on some work.... except that the website I use to do my work also apparently uses GoDaddy. PRETTY MUCH it was a really crap day on the interwebs. But hey, at least I didn't break it.

I also got to give a short interview about the kerfuffle on KSL via the phone, so that was fun. Unless I sounded gross, and if I did, don't tell me, because my day has been rough enough AS IS.

Here's how it affects me directly: no website, no ad revenue. no ad revenue, no soup for you. no email access, no work gets done. no work gets done, clients get unimpressed. clients get unimpressed, caroline gets fired. IT'S A BIG DEAL, YO. Add in to that the fact that I hire bloggers to write things on their blogs, and their blogs are broken. It's a lose/lose.

I will say that I've been a loyal goDaddy customer for years and years, and this is the first time I've ever had any sort of a problem. That being said, it is a rather large problem.

But hey, let's get over that, because MY sites are now functioning, and that's all I care about! Yee-haw! (Does that work? Like, can you picture me in your head, shouting, YEEHAW! can you? I'm trying it out.)

Now, let's stop talking and look at a picture from the first day of school.

They're so proud of themselves.