September 1, 2012

Cooking Day

I spent all day today in the kitchen, prepping our meals for the next week. Naturally, I took photos to document the whole thing because, you know, I do weird things like that.

Mostly, I was just glad to get everything prepped for the next week, so that I don't have to come home from school and do more work. THAT IS NOT ALLOWED PEOPLE.

And everyone was sad when they realized that we would not be eating the stuffed potatoes for dinner today... sorry family. They got over it when I cut the banana cake for dessert though, which then prompted a discussion of the LAST time they had dessert, and they think it was Thanksgiving. I reminded them that we had birthday cake in May, and my kids were all, birthday cake isn't dessert, so it doesn't count.  Oh well, it just makes our desserts that much more special.

And I tried to make toffee. It turned out okay, but not yum-tastic, which is the whole point of making candy, am I right? It just came out a little grainy, and I'm sorry, but if I wanted that result, I'd just eat a spoonful of brown sugar, because that's pretty much what I ended up with. Do you make good toffee? Come teach me, por favor.

And now I'm going to take my tired self to bed.