September 10, 2012


It's a little past 2:30 in the morning, and I'm too awake to sleep, but too asleep to be productive, which is not doing my homework any good.

Also: my air conditioner broke. Which is kinda okay timing, because the weather is really nice right now, so opening the windows works. Fingers crossed the weather holds up until we get this whole mess fixed. Fingers also crossed that we don't need a whole new unit.

Meanwhile, on Saturday I cooked like a crazy person and succeeded in stocking my freezer with quite a lot of meals. It's also nice to prep in advance, because I can split the portions better, and stretch out the expensive ingredients (like meat) because I can use more filler (like celery and onions). It just makes my life so stinking easy.

Plus, it ensures that my kids will have a treat, because I'm a big fan of baking and stashing the goodies in the freezer. And this week, I convinced the kids that one of MY favorite cookies is the BEST kind of cookie, because I roll it up in saran wrap, stick it in the freezer, and only slice off a couple of cookies at a time. IT'S GLORIOUS. Plus, I let them choose the color, because as we all know, turquoise cookies taste better than plain cookies.

This weekend, I also got people set up as an assembly line. Breakfast burritos have never been made faster.