September 26, 2012

and then I changed my mind AGAIN

The weather has been really nice lately. Of course, really nice for me is sweater weather for other people. Either way, I  have been keeping the windows wide open, and that makes me happy.

Meanwhile, Taylor keeps getting in trouble at school because she won't stop talking.... ever. If you've spent time with her, you'll  have noticed that she narrates her entire life; the girl never shuts up. (Unless she's sick.) The funny thing is, it's not loud talking. She isn't exactly speaking to people, it's like she's thinking out loud, which means there's a quite stream of muttering coming from her the majority of the time. At any rate, she's having a hard time not talking.

She's also having a hard time not being the boss of the world. She thinks she runs the show around here and was quite devastated to learn that she is NOT in charge of anything, UNLESS it's her turn. And it's NEVER her turn, because she has to wait THIS MANY DAYS on the calendar and LIFE IS SO UNFAIR and she just wants a snack.

Needless to say, I am finding joy in her suffering, mostly because I'm a mean mom.

In other news, I have changed my mind about school goals again. Mostly because while I'm learning things in class, I'm not loving it. Don't take me wrong, I completely think computer programming is interesting, and I love learning how to do it better. But it's not my happy place. And my writing class? Not my happy place. Psychology is interesting, but I can take it or leave it. But I'm excited about art. I'm having so much fun, and it's challenging and grueling and intense in all the right ways. I can't explain it, it just makes sense, and it will fit into my crazy, weird life.

SO. New plan: Art Education + possibly a minor in craft & material studies. I mean, does that just suit me to a tee or what? </->