August 16, 2012

Wait. Wait. Wait.

I already failed at blogging every day. This is because I am spectacular at not doing things. This is also because I was still sick, and my friend Serena took my kids, and I went to bed, and next thing you know, DadGuy was home and all, Where are the kids? And I was all, *turnoverandgobacktosleep* 

BUT! Today I don't have a headache! So there's that! 

I also went to the grocery store. It was a double cart kind of trip... You know, when you have to get toilet paper and all that jazz. 

And now I'm trying to decide what I want to make for dinner. I know I want to do some kind of spinach enchilada, but since there's about 100 different ways to go from there, I'm stuck. 

I'm also waiting to find out just when I can access my financial aid awards, because I'm pretty sure that I have a class starting NEXT WEEK and I could maybe want to rent a book or something. 

Isn't life so glamorous?