August 29, 2012

some like it hot

My first draft of my first paper is due in the morning. GUYS: I AM FREAKING OUT.

But only slightly, because I fully admitted to all my faults when it comes to writing IN MY ESSAY. Okay, not all my faults, because there are so very many, but my favorite mistakes, I fully admit to those.

Also, I made a hot breakfast today, which is not relevant to anything at all, other than 1)I haven't made a hot breakfast AT breakfast time in YEARS and YEARS and 2) there is no two.

Seriously though, getting back into the swing of things is going a lot better than I expected. And, for the first time since moving to the East Coast, I'm finally on East Coast time, and not West Coast time. Because, you know. My 3am is my BFF's midnight, and midnight is not late. Except for when it's three am.

I got out of the habit of making breakfast during my pregnancy with Blayne. I was just too sick to care, and Thaddeus was an infant, so he only ate bottles, so... I just stopped. And then, when the kids were old enough to eat food, Troy would get them a bowl of cereal before he left, so that I could lay in my bed and continue to be sick for a few more hours. He's such a nice husband to me. At any rate, I don't want to eat cold cereal, THEREFORE, I need to be up early enough to make breakfast, THEREFORE, my children are overly excited to wake up in the mornings now. I guess food is a good motivator.