August 6, 2012

I'm Back

Today Thaddeus got to teach our Family Home Evening lesson. His assigned topic was controlling your anger. Hopefully, we can put it all into practice, because there has been a LOT of fighting going on around here.

And TODAY we got to have a lesson about swearing. And for every swear word you said, you had to do 10 sit-ups. People did a lot of sit-ups.... Which made me decide that one person can't come to our house anymore, because he likes to encourage fighting and other bad behavior.

I'M NOT SAYING that my kids don't have their own problems, but you know that one kid that is always egging people on, and LOOKS all innocent, but they're NOT? Yeah. THAT kid, the quiet manipulator. I hate those kinds of kids. *shakes fist at sky*

And I don't want to blame it on the parents, because some people have certain kinds of personalities, but MAN ALIVE, what kind of things go on in your house that your kid is acting that way at mine? Discipline friends... use it.

Also: two of the neighbor's also had to do sit-ups. I'm an equal opportunity discipline-er.

In other news, I added some pink to my hair.

I feel so much better now. Of course, people that haven't known me for years and years are shocked at the addition, but it's not anything I haven't done before. I've only been blonde since moving to Virginia, and that's only because I don't trust people to color or cut my hair the way I like it. So I take care of it myself. In the bathroom. And I don't even have an extra mirror. And it still looks better than a LOT of the haircuts I've seen.

This is because I am a very talented person.

Here's the front BEFORE the pink. And yes, that is my natural, boring, blonde.

And the after: