August 1, 2012


Man alive, my kids were an extra special blend of crazy today.

Running, screaming, fighting, hitting... you name it.

I even sent people outside to run laps, because I figured, it they are tired, they'll stop fighting, right?


So then I took people to the pool, because I figured, THAT will wipe them out.

Instead we just continued our fighting pool side.

At least we were screaming out side.

Meanwhile, I got an email from the school saying that they messed up the writing test scores, which is the one that I only scored an 88 on, and that I actually got a higher score, and I can now take honors English. Which, personally, I would rather die. Troy says it will look better when I go to transfer if I have Honors courses, and of course, he's probably right. But Honors English means more work, and I would rather have less work, because I have a good attitude about things like that. SUCK IT HONORS COURSES.

Of course, I've also been debating just enjoying this next year of having kids in school all day, and taking time to work on ME. And of course, by work on ME, I mean, take lots of walks and have lots of naps. Those are two very important parts of my day. In fact, I didn't get to have a nap today, and now I want to die.

Plus, did I tell you that I can't say that anymore? The whole "I want to die" thing because my kids thought I actually meant that I wanted to actually die, because, you know, they're CHILDREN and LITERAL and when I was moving the couch and it was about to fall, my kids were all, "It's okay if it falls on you, because you want to die!" and I was all: DEAD OF SHOCK.

It's really cutting into my dramatics.