August 17, 2012

August 17

I got dressed up nicely today, because I was going to get my student ID. And I KNOW it's just an ID, but STILL, PHOTO. So I wanted to look my best. And I looked pretty danged cute, and was a teensy bit excited about getting my dumb ID, until the girl handed it back to me. I don't know how, but somehow, I managed to get a nice jaundiced suntan going on, and my hair magically transformed from blonde with a hot pink bang, to yellow with a big fat orange stripe. All in all, NOT an attractive look. AND! You couldn't even see my cute shirt.

Naturally, I came right home and changed into my crap shirt. What is the point of looking cute if there will be no documentation?

Meanwhile, I went walking yesterday, because I am trying to retain mobility (how do you like them apples?) and muscle memory and ALL THAT NONSENSE and I happened to be wearing capri pants, which means that I had about 6 inches of leg showing between the hem of the pant and my sneakers, which was apparently an open invitation for all bugs in the area to come and have a feast.... on my flesh.... OH THE ITCHING.

(That was one sentence up there. Does my ability to misuse the English language ever get old? I think not.)

Also: I start school next week. WHAT. THE. TRASH.