August 26, 2012


So let's talk about school.


And art is going to be my hardest class. (Mostly because of all the homework.)

Also let's talk about how I've been practicing to wake up to an alarm clock, because I have been.

I've also been going to bed at a fairly reasonable hour BECAUSE, as it turns out, when my mind is required to work, it makes me tired. Not that I'm saying that parenting and motherhood are brainless jobs, it's just that  they require a different sort of focus and energy.

ALSO: I'm the oldest person in my classes. AND I'm older than the art teacher. AND I'm probably older, or at the very least, the same age as, my English teacher. Good news is that at least my software teacher is older than me, and I don't meet my psychology professor until tomorrow.

ALSO: let's talk about how much art supplies cost, because I didn't even get the full list, and WHOA NOW.

ALSO: let's talk about how I have to write a paper using proper grammar and punctuation. HOW will they HEAR my VOICE if I can't type LIKE THIS? (just kidding... I'll make it work)

And now, I'm going to go to bed. AT NINE O'EVENING.