July 7, 2012

Weekly dose of Random

We had PE today. At our house. It was fun. And everyone knew what it was, and what the purpose was, and it was nice.

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Also, I read an article by some guy the other day, and he said that he was a hard core vegan until 6pm every day, and that after 6pm, he wasn't. I think it's genius.

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While we were doing our PE, my kids were talking about weight and fat and all that good stuff, and they asked me why I was exercising. So then we had to have a big discussion about exercising to stay healthy and retain mobility, and exercising to lose weight, and personal wellness goals, lifetime wellness goals, and BEING A PARENT IS EXHAUSTING AND I DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. I think I ended our discussion with, if you lose weight, great! if you don't, great! can you run for 10 minutes without getting tired? perfect! the end!

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Here's our week in photos:


homemade apple pie

it took me THREE HOURS to travel 32 miles. THREE HOURS. 

Movie night. Aliens in the Attic. Everyone liked it. WIN.

My new Kitchen sign. I love it.