July 23, 2012

Not Ready

I am trying to get ready to go on vacation.

I hate getting ready to go, because it's so  much work.

I fully realize that it's only a lot of work because I make it that way, it's just that I don't want to come home to piles of laundry and a dirty bathrooms. That just sounds awful.

I also refuse to go to the store before we leave, because I don't want any food going bad while we're gone. This has been an issue only because someone left the milk out, so it went sour, and I WILL NOT go get more milk. So they haven't been able to eat their cereal. Which, you know, I don't really care about because EAT A BANANA OR SOMETHING instead.

I'm a very nice mother.

I'm also watching crayon sales like a hawk. When those babies hit $0.25, I'm stocking up.

And now I'm going back to cleaning like a mad woman.