July 9, 2012

Grown up problems

I spent all afternoon on the phone and the computer trying to figure out why my financial aid isn't going through.

You see, there was a problem with my FAFSA because last year, we lost money on our dumb Arizona house. So it looked like we had negative income for 2011. And the FAFSA was all, "DOES NOT COMPUTE" and I was all, "TELL ME ABOUT IT" and the poor kid who was trying to help me hasn't lived in the real world probably ever so they didn't understand anything at all, and were dumbfounded that some people can't use a 1040EZ file. GROWN UP PROBLEMS PEOPLE. We have them.

So after waiting on hold for ever, this helpful girl told me that she couldn't locate me in the system at all, and was I SURE I was a student?

Then I started laughing. I'm TRYING to be a student. Also: I have a student number, so how can I have a student ID number but not be in the system? (When I asked that, I was transferred to a specialist.) 

So now, I'm going to go down in person, because I need to get a deferment on my registration, because I'm waiting for my financial aid to go through, and I don't want to be dropped because of a clerical error. YAY COLLEGE.