July 13, 2012

Do it

I redid my chore charts.

They're not fancy, because I have a very straightforward approach to working.

Besides, how annoying is it to spend time and money and effort to make a pretty chore chart to find out it doesn't WORK a week later. (We've all done that at least once, yes?)

Anyways, I never realized I had such strong opinions about chores and working until recently. You see, at my house, people are expected to work. And I guess at some other houses, that is not expected. And that BLOWS MY MIND.

I just don't see how a household can function smoothly and efficiently if all the parts aren't working together. And I know that I'm pretty much in charge of the household, but being in charge of the household does NOT mean that I do all the work, and you watch me. Oh no, no, no.

The thing is, it has taken me years and years to learn how to properly manage a household. You think dinner magically appears on the table each night? I laugh at your naivety.

At any rate, I have reworked the chore charts, and divvied up the housework, and my charts aren't pretty, but they are functional, which means that I think they're beautiful. (<--- And that was one sentence)

IN SHORT. I finally got my master clean lists done. Chore charts have been made. Rules and expectations have been posted at children's eye level, and we are ready to roll.