June 27, 2012

You're the Coolest

I bought a water cooler the other day. It's fantastic, because my kids get their own drinks. AND since it's FUN to get a drink, they are consuming a lot of water. Which is important, because most of the time, I don't think people are really hungry, I just think they need a drink. 

Meanwhile, SO FAR SO GOOD as far as summer goes. The past two days have been gorgeous and breezy, and slightly too chilly for swimming, so the kids have been running through the sprinklers. I have no problem with people running through sprinklers all the live long day, because it keeps them happy and wears them out. 

We also started our routine officially today. 

It's really nice to have kids that can read, because I just put up a list, and that's that! No more discussion needed. Clearly defined goals work for us. 

It also helps get the day going, and we're done with our work and ready to play early, instead of dragging all morning and wasting the day arguing. 

Awesome kid moment of the day: Daniel got boxers, so he put them on, and then pulled his pants under his bottom, and said, "Me look cool now?" and I said, "NO."  He was disappointed.