June 26, 2012

Whip it into shape

I've been re-doing my master chore list (Yeah, I totally have one of those) because I haven't had an updated one since my Arizona house.... I swear, the worst thing about moving is figuring out the best way to clean the new house. THE WORST.

At any rate, I'm typing up my lists, and I'm making LOTS of copies, because I am going to hang checklists around the house. Why am I doing this? Because I would like to say, PEOPLE! CLEAN THE BATHROOMS! And then I would like to have an actually clean bathroom.

For the record, my Clean Bathroom Checklist has 21 items on it. If those things aren't done, then the bathroom isn't CLEAN. Sure, it can be clean enough to use, but clean enough to use and clean are not one and the same. THEY'RE JUST NOT. And don't try to disagree with me on this, because I am very right about this.